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The REmix Kid's T-shirt

The REmix Kid's T-shirt
The REmix Kid's T-shirt
The REmix Kid's T-shirt
The REmix Kid's T-shirt
The REmix Kid's T-shirt
The REmix Kid's T-shirt
The REmix Kid's T-shirt
The REmix Kid's T-shirt
The REmix Kid's T-shirt

Feel the rhythm of the unique bond between parents and children with this exclusive t-shirt.

Like a beat that never goes out of style, this shirt carries with it the essence of the son or daughter as "The REmix," the modern version adding new rhythms to the symphony of life.

With the phrase "The REmix" prominently featured on the front, this t-shirt celebrates innovation, the new chapter that is being written in the family history.

In this family blend, the parents represent the original beat, the timeless melody that started it all, while the child emerges as "The Remix," infusing a contemporary style and new beats into the music of existence.

Together, they orchestrate a harmonious duet, merging past and present into a beautiful melody of love and growth.

Made with soft and comfortable fabric, this children's t-shirt serves as a soundtrack for the precious moments shared between parents and children.

Whether at home, on the street, or in life's musical adventures, this t-shirt is a constant reminder of the importance of family heritage and the unbreakable bond between parents as "The Original" and their children as "The REmix".

Child T-shirt Approximate Measurements (cm):
Size 2 Years: 40 Height x 29 Width (1/2 Chest) - For children between 86 and 94 cm in height
Size 4 Years: 43 Height x 32 Width (Chest 1/2) - For children between 96 and 104 cm in height
Size 6 Years: 46 Height x 35 Width (1/2 Chest) - For children between 106 and 116 cm in height
Size 8 Years: 49 Height x 38 Width (1/2 Chest) - For children between 118 and 128 cm in height
Size 10 years: 52 Length x 41 Width (1/2 Chest) - For children between 130 and 140 cm in height
Size 12 years: 55 Length x 44 Width (1/2 Chest) - For children between 142 and 152 cm in height
Kid's T-shirt Quality
Jersey 150 grams
100% Semi-combed Cotton "Ringspun"
Reinforced collar
Ribbed elastane collar
Kid's T-shirt Style
Short sleeve
Cut and sew (2 and 4 years)
Tubular (from 6 years old)
Round collar

Production and Shipping:
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Deliveries are only made from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 7 pm.
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